Following the announcement from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, from Friday night we will not be able to participate in public Masses. However we can still participate in Mass online either here or at EWTN.

Here are some suggestions on how to participate well:

  • Dress appropriately for Mass and switch off your phone.
  • Place a crucifix, sacred art and candles on a table near where you will be watching the Mass.
  • During Mass, respond out loud to the prayers said by the priest. Follow along with your missal. Sing along during the hymns if any are sung.
  • Instead of receiving Holy Communion, make a spiritual communion by saying: I wish, O Lord, to receive you with the purity, humility, and devotion with which your most holy mother received you, with the spirit and fervour of the saints.
  • When Mass is concluded take a few minutes to give thanks.