It has been a while since I last shared any recipes with you, but this week I made this lovely, light and healthy salad that I cannot resist publishing!

Have you tried paneer cheese before? It is a fresh cheese, made of cows milk or buffalo, used in Indian cuisine. The texture is perfect for marinating and frying or grilling because it’s non-melting it can also be used in stews or curries. I love the way it can be infused with any flavours to make many types of dishes.

For my salad, I used a batch of roasted vegetables: aubergines, sweet potato, courgettes and peppers.

I marinated the paneer (a packet of 225 g) cut into slices, with oregano, paprika, salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil; 10 minutes is enough time to marinate for this recipe. then I fried the paneer in a hot pan, browning each side well.

To assemble the salad: place a bed of greens such as spinach or rocket on a  large dish, follow with the roasted vegetables and arrange the prosciutto and paneer on top.

I served mine with rosemary focaccia.