Some of us have been thoroughly spoiled with many years of meditations from Fr Peter Haverty. Sadly the rest of the world have not been so fortunate. It is therefore a great privilege that Fr Peter Haverty has compiled some of his insights into the Christian mysteries. Written in the inimitable way that Fr Peter gives his meditations, he first explains the philosophical principles of nature, grace, original sin and the transcendental order. Then Fr Peter provides insights into God, Jesus Christ and Christianity. Next Fr Peter focuses on us, taking us back to the very beginning of time with the creation and fall, through the consequences of original sin on to God’s plan of redemption, our hope of becoming saints and the afterlife. Finally Fr Peter moves the spotlight away from us and on to the life of Christ starting with the incarnation and tracing Jesus’s life right up to the ascension and the descent of the Holy Spirit.

What shines out to me in these pages is the character of Fr Peter. He manages to educate while thoroughly entertaining you. It is a joy to read and full of insights to ponder. I would wholeheartedly recommend reading it and buying one for a friend too! To buy Fr Peter’s book click here.