This is my latest version of Rocky Road, packed with fruit, nuts and seeds to give it a festive touch! it is also vegan and dairy-free. Plus, it could make a pretty and tasty Christmas gift.

Here is what you will need:

200g dark chocolate
50ml maple syrup
125g coconut oil
200g digestive biscuits broken into small pieces
150g mixed seeds, nuts and fruit of your choice, plus extra for the topping

In a saucepan place the chocolate, maple syrup and coconut oil over a medium heat and melt. Add the biscuits, seeds, nuts and fruit into the saucepan and mix. Pour the mixture on to a greased and lined tin.







Sprinkle the extra fruit and nuts on top and refrigerate until set. For my topping, I used dry strawberries, pistachio nuts and white chocolate cut into chunks. But if you want to make it dairy-free replace the white chocolate with other fruit or nuts of your choice.  Once set, slice it and serve.