Here is an examination of conscience for adults to help you prepare for Holy Week:

  1. During these days of quarantine with my family, have I fostered a peaceful and joyful atmosphere?
  2. Where have my thoughts been recently? Do I guard against interior judgements of others, sensuality or excessive materialism?
  3. Have I made good use of technology to keep in touch with my friends and wider family to help them remain cheerful during these days?
  4. Do I over use technology? Do I allocate specific times to look at my phone, check my emails or watch television? Do I try to avoid having permanent access to technology which could distract me from my duties and foster laziness in me?
  5. In what ways have I helped my family in the home? What else could I do to help? Do I know the needs of my family members?
  6. Now is an ideal time to practice hobbies and talents. How can I use these hobbies and talents to enhance the lives of those around me?
  7. Am I using this unique time to really get to know my family members? Do I listen to them when they talk to me or am I distracted or too focused on my own needs?
  8. Do I anticipate the needs of others? Do I look for ways to make life easier for my family members and try to forget myself?
  9. Do I appreciate the many gifts God has given me? Do I appreciate the extra time I have with my family? Do I notice how God is reaching out to help me each day?
  10. Have I been prompt to say sorry to my family members when necessary?