Here is an examination of conscience for young people to help you prepare for Holy Week:

  1. Have I tried to be cheerful at home with my family?
  2. Have I done my school work at the right time? Have I done it as well as I can?
  3. What have I been thinking these days? Have I had unkind thoughts? Have I thought too much about my possessions and things I would like to own?
  4. Do I use my phone too much? Do I put it away when my parents tell me or do I get angry and complain?
  5. Do I do the tasks my parents ask me to do? Could I help more?
  6. How can I help my family more? What kind acts could I do for each one?
  7. What are my hobbies? Could I share them with others?
  8. What are my talents? How could I use them to help my family and friends?
  9. Do I thank God for the many gifts he gives me each day? Do I notice what he does for me?
  10. Have I said sorry whenever it has been necessary?