Thanks to all who have so generously donated to the Holy Family Shrine project. We have been receiving a steady stream of generous gifts. Recently we have received several in memory of a beloved family member for which we are sincerely grateful. Since we started the project, we have made good progress. Not only is the statue in place on a sturdy base with a border around it, but we have a pathway to the shrine, and the stone benches are encircling the statue. Our next goal is to install lighting along the pathway. With quotations coming in now, and the generous donations we have received, we should be in a position to start this work soon. We still need a pedestal for the statue and a canopy to cover it. However, little by little the shrine is being transformed into a beautiful haven within the garden.

Already great use is being made of the shrine. If ever you go to Thornycroft you can be sure to see a steady stream of visitors to the Holy Family Shrine. Even in these colder months when it can get quite chilly by the lake, people are still venturing forth and lingering by the statue. Next time you are in Thornycroft, wander down to the shrine and see how much progress has been made. You can be sure to bump into a few people on the way.

If you can help with a donation please visit

Thank you for your generosity.