Mothering Sunday, also Laetare Sunday are a day of celebration during the solemn season of Lent. Why, you might ask, does Mothering Sunday fall on this day in Lent? Traditionally people would go to their Mother Church for a special celebration on this day and make their offerings. During the 17th century, domestic servants were granted a day off on Mothering Sunday to visit their families and from here the tradition of celebrating Mothers on this day developed. With the family being under so many attacks these days, Mothering Sunday is the perfect opportunity to remember all mothers and give thanks for their life giving service to their children. If we are lucky enough to have living mothers, we can thank them personally for all they have done for us. If other mothers are no longer with us, we can pray for them and thank them in our hearts for their loving care. If we never knew our mothers, then we can turn to our Lady, the Mother of all, and ask us to be our mother and to take care of that mother we never knew.

Today is a day of great celebration, but it can be a source of great pain for some too. Those who have lost their mothers, those who live far from their mothers and can’t be with them, those who might have difficult relationships with their mothers, those mothers who have lost their children, those who were never given the gift of motherhood. Remember them during the joy and laughter and ask our Lady to comfort them on this day.