Join us for our annual Priest’s Conference 2022: The Priest as Father from Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd March.
The Most Reverend Leo Cushley, Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh: formerly head of the Secretariat of State’s English Language Section from 2009-2013. (The Priest as Father, Monday 2.30pm.)
Ed Morgan, barrister: with qualifications in civil and canon law (JCL and JCD) and a visiting professor of Canon Law at the Katholieke University, Leuven, Ed has delivered retreats to diocesan clergy and is a regular speaker on the sacerdotal priesthood.  He is married to Sophie and they have a son and two daughters. (Spiritual Fatherhood – A View from the Family, Monday 4.30pm.)
Rev Dr Paul O’Callaghan: professor of Theological Anthropology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome, with extensive experience in the formation of seminarians and the support of priests. (The priest as Channel of Grace, Tuesday 10.30am.)
Dr Adrian Treloar: consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, former editor of and frequent contributor to the Catholic Medical Quarterly. (Mental Health Issues Faced by Priests in their Ministry, Tuesday 2.30pm.)
Very Rev Dr Domenico Zanrè: Vicar-General of the Diocese of Aberdeen and Parish Priest of St Columba’s RC Church in Culloden, near Inverness, formerly a lecturer in Italian Renaissance literature. (The Manliness of the Priest, Wednesday 10.30am.)

The cost of the conference is £295 for the three days including meals and accommodation. The day rate is £75 which includes lunch.  The conference begins with 1pm lunch on the Monday (registration from 12.30pm) and finishes after 1pm lunch on the Wednesday.

To register, please email Fr Joe Evans on, giving your full name, parish or chaplaincy, and a contact phone number. You only need to pay from 1st March onwards but we would ask that if you do book a place, you commit yourself to it as far as you possibly can. We will let you know the full programme and timetable soon. For more information, contact Fr Joe at the above email address or ring him on 07790 100402.