With only two days to go before our annual family day, everyone is getting really excited. So far the weather forecast is looking good. Fr Michael will be saying Mass at 12pm in the oratory for those who would like to attend. Extra chairs will be put out and all the doors will be opened to accommodate everyone.

At 1pm you are invited to bring your own picnic to eat in the grounds. Drinks will be provided in the classroom. We have Pimms and lemonade, white wine, squash, coke, fizzy water, still water, tea and coffee. There will be ice creams available too. Jams, cakes and knit wear will be on sale again with all the proceeds going to the ladies who work so hard to make Thornycroft such a welcoming place.

Susanna will be providing children’s activities and there are rumours of water balloons circulating. Susanna did a sterling job at the Coronation picnic in May with so many fun activities for the children that they are guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

Robert will be around to chat to anyone who would like to become a friend of Thornycroft so they can be informed of our activities, plans for the Hall and make donations.

Proceedings will close at 5pm and as ever we would be grateful for your help in clearing up and returning the grounds and the classroom to the ladies in its immaculate state!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday and here’s hoping there’s no rain!