retreats for female school students

2023 Retreats

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Cost – £68

The fee for each retreat is £68. We request that this amount be paid by each participant even if she does not attend the whole retreat.

It is the policy of Thornycroft Hall that no one should ever be discouraged from attending an activity because of difficulty in making payment.

If you are unable to pay the full cost, feel free to let the retreat organiser know in advance, with a brief reason, indicating the amount you would be able to pay.

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These retreats are for girls between 14-18 years old.

To apply for a place choose your preferred payment method below. 

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Booking online will take you to a different website where your information will be taken and you can then pay online.


Book and pay by bank transfer or send a cheque via post

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We are aware of possible allergies and these will be catered for as long as we know in advance.


Feel free to ask questions about the event or provide any further information you feel necessary.

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Once you submit the application form the page will update and provide information on how to pay the deposit for this event. Payment can be made by bank transfer or post.

Please indicate your intended payment method. This helps with our application process.
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