In two weeks’ time we will be diving deeper into the divine adventure. Are you ready? Have you any burning questions about the Catholic faith that you would like answered? If you do, come along and Fr Michael will answer them for you. Do you have a friend or a family member that you think would benefit from the weekend? Invite them along and maybe bring them with you. Everything’s more fun if you have someone to share it with.

This year’s theme is friendship. Find out how we become friends with the most important person: Jesus. In this modern world where God is denied by so many, we are missing out on the greatest friendship. How do I become a friend of God? He wants to be our friend. He is craving to be our friend and help us. Let’s respond to that great call of friendship and learn how to do that well.

When we have a good friendship with God he shows us how to be a good friend to others. What does it take to be a good friend? What qualities do I need to be a good friend? What do my friends need from me? How can I develop and nurture my friendships? How can I make more friends? Listen to the talks and discuss with others so that you can come away from the weekend with valuable insights to develop your own personal friendships.

Come and spend a weekend in Thornycroft and reflect on these important issues. You will be in good company and I am sure you will have some great conversations with the other participants.